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Flow wrapper for candies. Equipped with rotary feeder. Suitable for soft candy, hard candy single continuous fast packaging


Upper-paper Rotary Pillow Packaging Machine. For regular objects such as biscuits, pies, popsicle, chocolate bars, drugs, daily applications, etc.


Down paper flow packaging machine. For unorganized objects such as towels, sausages, fish, ice-lollies, fresh fruits, etc.


Upper-paper reciprocating flow packaging machine + labeling machine, suitable for packing regular objects in cardboard boxes or food with tray.


Pneumatic Servo Control Flow Wrapping Machine. Adopt double servo control conveying, walk the film in the sealing part, end seal sealing using pneumatic method. Accurate positioning of anti-cutting material


Mask packaging and folding machine. It consists of a pillow packing machine and a mask earband folding machine, which can automatically completes the folding of the outer ear band of the mask.


Flow modified atmosphere packaging machine that is suitable for the sealing packaging and modified atmosphere packaging of trays of cooked food, chilled meat, seafood, fast food, etc. It is suitable for large-scale production lines.


Heat shrinkable film automatic flow wrap machine. Suitable for high volume shrink packaging in electronics, hardware, plastic, software, food, printing, pharmaceutical and flooring, ceramics and other industries


Full automatic feeding & packaging line. It is composed of pulling distance conveyor, distributing conveyor, automatic material handling unit, dividing tray mechanism, incoming tray mechanism and flow packing machine, which collates, distributes and conveys, positions and packs the products.

Why do you need a flow wrap machine for your business?



You can use the flow wrap machine to customize the bag size, wrap material and film width according to your product, very flexible

Wide Application

It has a wide range of applications, food, daily necessities, medicine, hardware, stationery, toys and other areas of packaging needs it can meet.

Throughput Boost

Automatic control, easy parameter setting. Packing speed is above 80 bags per minute on average (specific speed is decided according to the material)

Save Time & Money

Effectively reduce your staffing and labor costs and save shop floor space. Automation will reduce the amount of packaging material you need and reduce scrap rates

Frequently Asked Questions

   Flow wrapper also be known as flow packing machine, horizontal form fill seal  machine (hffs).    Flow wrapping machine is also known as flow wrapping machine, horizontal form fill seal machine (hffs). It uses clear or printed polypropylene film to wrap products in a horizontal push., which is widely used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, stationary and other industries.

1. Set up the parameter with PLC touch screen

2. Put the product material into the groove of the machine

3. The packaging film start pulling

4. The product is surrounded packaging film

5 .Seal the bag mouth with high heat

6. Complete packaging and automatic output


1. Solid items, as long as they can be propelled horizontally, whether regular or irregular, can be used for flow packaging. Commonly used for food products such as popsicles, bread, soap, vegetables, hardware parts, masks, etc.

2. Bulk products with pallets, food with trays, just put the items in the box in advance can be sealed into bags with the mobile packaging machine operation. For example, vegetable salad, grapes, cakes, mushrooms, parts, etc.

1. When the temperature is too high, the speed is too slow and the outer layer of the wrap film is poorly heat resistant, the seal will show traces of scorching and wrinkling. The repair method is to adjust the speed faster, lower the temperature and replace the film material.

2. The knife base is too high or too low, the packaging speed is too fast, and when the pusher and the knife are not synchronised, the knife will cut on the product. The repair method is to reduce the packaging speed, adjust the end seal parts high and low, so that the centre of the sealing knife is in the middle of the product height.

3. The colour of the film colour code is too light, film drive slippage, colour code tracking is not open when the cut-off position deviates from the colour code. The maintenance method is to refer to the packaging machine manual, adjust its sensitivity; in the man-machine interface, the tracking mode switch to “tracking cut”.

4. Solid state disconnector burned, temperature control table damage, thermocouple damage when the temperature table can not control the temperature. The method of repair is to replace the executive couples, replace the temperature control table, replace the heating body.

5. The speed is too fast, the heat sealing of the inner layer of the film is poor, the temperature is too low when the seal will appear leakage seal or not firm. The method of repair is to slow down the speed, adjust the temperature, replace the film material.

6. The air pressure is not right, the cylinder pendulum is loose, the heating temperature is low, the hot press roller and the transmission roller are not parallel when there will be poor heat sealing. The repair method is to adjust the parallelism, adjust the temperature and air pressure to make it tight.

1. Laminate Film
Common laminated films such as PP, PET or PE plastics are often used in flow wrapping, where a barrier or blocking layer that protects the product from external influences and a sealing layer are also integrated into the film, but they are not recyclable.
2. Monolayer film
PP (polypropylene) is a common monolayer film that is cheap because it is very thin and becomes sealable with further processing. It does not require an additional sealing layer. Mono films consist of only one type of plastic in several layers and are therefore recyclable. The film may contain a small amount of foreign material, which is usually the case when there is a blocking or obstructing layer.
3. Paper-based film
In the case of paper-based films, there are two types of packaging materials: recyclable packaging materials, which can be reused in the paper recycling cycle, and compostable paper-based films. However, a small amount of foreign material is also allowed in paper-based films to enable the combination of barrier and sealing layers. Until now, paper-based films have only been used for pre-packaged products that tend to be dry to ensure shelf life.

Usually, 30-200 packs can be packed in one minute, but different products have different packing speeds. Send us your packing speed requirements and we can discuss options with you.

Normally, 20-25 days can be finish, if you are urgent to use it, just get in touch with us, we can help speed the production time for you.


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